Thursday, December 14

Froze down some blocks and stored them in the nitrogentank. Maybe I'm going to section some of them this evening.
I must in the future freeze-substitute the samples and embed them in Lowicryl to prevent mechanical damages in the tissues.
This is a new procedure for me and is not to be done before Xmas. So these last days before Xmas I am going to set up a plan of what I am going to do at the lab. after 2. jan. 2001.

Till next time merry Xmas and a happy new year......... maybe I am visiting you in the meanwhile :)

Wednesday, December 13

Got some nice cryo sections today, used 3% uranylacetate to stain them. Only problem now is to find the basement membranes.
CryoSection of muscle fibre is in gridbox# 77424 U1-3.

Tuesday, December 12

Made some frozen sections yesterday, couldnt see a damn thing om them. Curly fractions of "nothing"! I do belive there was something wrong with my grids too..bether luck today!!
I also got my antibodies yesterday, hopefully they are OK. They must not be thawed!!!!

Monday, December 11

Early days this week, I'm off to labell some muscles. FINALLY!
This became a slow day. I have been doing some reading today, pluss laid my plans for the comming week.
Must label the C IV using cryo during this week. If the method works I have a lot of writing to do.

Friday, December 8

Er innom Tor og Alex...viser dem blogg'en!
Todays quest was to find papers about collagen IV...I found a few interesting ones detecting C IV together with laminin in white bass.
My biggest consern is to find a antibody against collagen IV that works in cod (gadus morhua). If not I have to make my own.
I call it a day to enjoy the snow outside !!
The first day as a B L O G G E R
Is this just another way of waisting my time?
In that case I blame the paper VG who wrote an article about BLOG's - and Jill Walker (whos first weblog I read)

The idea is to use this as a journal of my scientific work.....not the secrets of course :)....but the litle things that I discover during the days at the laboratory.

What language should I use ??
As if I belive that anyone ever would read this beside myself !!
I think it is going to be in english...things I publish in journals is in english so why not this.......Actually I think it is going to be a mix between english and norwegian...we'll see.